Seit knapp 20 Jahren ist Elaine Catton Freie Journalistin. Im Laufe der Jahre arbeitete sie unter anderem für

Automotive News (International), European Car (USA) und Automotive Engineer (UK). Derzeit arbeitet sie als

Freie Mitarbeiterin für Audi Driver (UK), Volkswagen Driver (UK), quattro quarterly (USA) sowie ettore, das

Kundenmagazin der Marke Bugatti.


Wir arbeiten in allen Bereichen des Automobilsektor mit besonderen Schwerpunkten:

  • Antriebstechnologie

  • Zukünftige Mobilität

  • Deutsche Automobilunternehmen

Volkswagon Driver


VW continues its SUV offensive at the New York Auto Show with the Atlas Cross Sport and Tanoak concepts.

People Power –

Profile of Cameron Motors (Perth)

The business of selling cars in the digital age is just as much about people as it ever was.

VW pushes hard

for CNG

With diesel in the doldrums, VW seeks to exploit the merits of natural gas.

I have a new car!

Stop the press!! I have a brand-new Golf 1.5 TSI evo Estate. Nothing else matters.

Scrappage schemes

As fall-out from the diesel affair continues, VW announces scrappage incentive to take older diesel models off the road.

Audi Driver

Audi Hungaria turns 25

What does the future hold for Audi’s massive engine plant in Györ, Hungary?

Glancing back –

looking forward

A review of Audi’s performance in 2017 and a look at what lies ahead.

Soft skills

How semiconductors and microelectronics are transforming the way we drive.

Synthetic diesel

Having upset the world with how it deals with normal diesel, Audi is redoubling its efforts to concoct sustainable e-diesel.

RS 7 Sportback

A few days in Munich revelling in the absolute pinnacle of the first-generation A7.

Audi Driver International

Musings on a great day out with Audi fans at the annual event run by Autometrix at Castle Combe race track.

A Lifelong Passion

One committed enthusiast explains his personal journey on a road trip from England to Molsheim in a 1937 Bugatti 57S.

The Bugatti Link

Romano Artioli talks to Bugatti design boss Achim Anscheidt about design and the human spirit that created and sustains the Bugatti brand.

Unforgettable Moments

Bugatti customers experience the new Chiron for the first time at an exclusive event in Portugal.

L'atelier de Bugatti

At its Customer Drive event in Lisbon, Bugatti created an immersive atelier experience for its guests.

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